Fully automated three-tiered Reservation system capable of handling group, individual, a-la-carte, and pre-packaged bookings.

Softrip is a true web-based system and not merely web-enabled. This means that both local and remote users have access to the products which may then be included in brochures, artwork, and information links. The user interface is directed to internal reservations and sales agents, retail travel agents, as well as direct consumers. Each user has access to various products, and if deemed appropriate, different pricing levels. This multi-tiered approach helps our clients individually serve their varied customers and markets while running on one central system.

In addition, since Softrip is web-based, the system supports reservation centers in multiple geographic locations, enabling the ability of cross training and support of one reservation center by another. The Softrip technology does not conflict with the independent development of a corporate image or web site design. In fact, Softrip can be simply plugged into a site designed by a third party vendor.

Included in this module are the following features

  • Group, pre-packaged, dynamic capability
  • Mobile Friendly
  • GDS Connectivity
  • Internal Agents, Travel Professionals, Direct Consumers
  • Multi-Tiered Commission Control
  • Seat Assignments
  • Charter Flights
  • Special Requests
  • User Security Control
  • Multi-Currency