Access an advanced CRM system, employ the Email Broadcast system, create brochures, take advantage of the campaign management module, quickly measure marketing efforts

Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)

Softrip's uniquely designed CRM system allows companies to increase return on their highest enterprise expense: the marketing budget. We designed the CRM system by taking into account your need to maintain and track company contacts, individual contacts within these companies, and individual customer-travelers.

  • Individual and Company Contact Management
  • B2C Potentials Relationship Management
  • Full interface to the US post office for Address Standardization and Verification
  • Email Blast Management
  • Subscription Management
  • Travel Agent Commission Management
  • Brochure Management
  • Promotion Management
  • Territory Management

Campaign Management

To increase return on your marketing budget, Softrip offers a fully integrated Campaign Management system to provide an in-depth tool for managing your marketing efforts. This unique application creates a hub location where your marketing company or department can centrally manage campaigns, channels, and segment relationships.

  • Setup of Campaigns, Channels, and Segments
  • Reporting and analysis
  • Association of Segments with Vendors and Suppliers
  • Association of Segments with Markets and Branding
  • Advertisement Codes to track life cycle of Campaigns
  • Control Insertion dates and marketing material due dates